Free Your Body

Surprise filming during class

Wasn’t I surprised when Robert Syms started filming one of the choreographies during class today (12/8/2013). This is not an original choreography, meaning there is not one original step of my own in this dance, I found it through Zumba Instructor’s private groups on Facebook. Sometimes I find wonderful choreographies suches as these and I change a little bit here or there, but I changed nothing on this one.

It is a fun song by Sergio Medez, Funky Bahia. I remember when I first read the artist name, I thought the song might be an older release, but nope. It’s new. I remember this artist from the 1980′s, so it’s cool to see him back. This is a Brazilian Funky rhythm. Have fun with it!


Body Transformation

First, I need to apologize for the lack of posts. I had a technical issue that did not allow me to login to the blog for three weeks, but as you can see…all fixed thanks to my administrator and Web Guru Extraordinaire Numair Qureshi from Umbrella Pages…

That said in the last 15 weeks, I’ve been on a journey to health. As a part of a mindset change, I’ve been working with two coaches, one for my mindset and the other to help me with workouts. I started with the mindset coach first. Amazing experience. Opened up my brain to the possibilities and what I am capable of, if I let go of limiting beliefs. I added an online physical and nutritional coach eight weeks ago. I was finally ready to jump and make a huge effort towards my fitness.

I’ve taught Zumba since 2009 and have had huge changes in my body since I started teaching. With Zumba alone, I was able to drop about 30 pounds. I recently found my progress stalled by motivational issues and lack of nutrition adherence (even though I know better as a fitness professional). I needed something new to switch up the routine. Cardio is not the be-all, end-all and cardio was the bulk of my weekly routine. Even though I was working out six days a week with bodyweight, cardio and yoga, I was not seeing much body change and when I had a job change that required much more sitting than walking during the day, I found I started to gain weight quickly. Not the direction I wanted to go.

Mindset got me to push myself past mental barriers I had set for myself like I could not fast or I could not run. I can do both and enjoy them! I fought them both initially. It is amazing what you can do, if you allow yourself to try. Mindset readied me for many things, one of which was getting tough on nutrition. I’ve tried this before, but because of one thing or another, it’s never stuck. This time I know it will because I am DE-TER-MINED!

My fitness/nutrition coach has me pushing myself harder physically than I ever have in my life. After eight weeks now, I see huge differences in my body that I have never seen before in my life. I have had two people call me “slim”. I would never associate that word with myself. I go to the gym 6 days a week and I work HARD. I am at the gym for 2-3 hours most days. That is not sitting around. That is working. Hard. Sweaty work. And it’s not just the hard work at the gym, it is also totally changing my attitude about food. Food is fuel six days of the week and food is a wonderful treat that tastes soooo good on cheat day!

I cannot tell you how good fit feels. I feel more energy, more general happiness, more engaged in my life and I also feel more motivated and inspired in all areas of my life. My journey to health has been eye-opening, mind-opening and truly an exhilarating experience. It feels good to get my life back. It also feels good to get my blog back!!